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Marketing Tips for Tech Companies: The Importance of Mailing List Segmentation and How It Should Be

If you want to increase your email open rates, click-through rates, and subscription rates while keeping your spam rate low, you need to read this blog carefully.

marketing tips
marketing tips

Our team at Joseph Studios has put together a list of some of the most important tips for tech companies to improve their email marketing game. Most successful marketers use mailing list segmentation to dramatically improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. Email marketing, like many marketing technology tools, is now stronger than ever.

70% of brands fail to appreciate the beauty of personalization in marketing, yet personalization in marketing leads to 6 times higher transaction rates. Weird, right?

Let's start with the definition of mailing list segmentation and what it means for tech companies.

What is mailing list segmentation?

The art of sharing your email marketing campaign or mailing lists into smaller groups or segments to target audiences in an even more personalized way is mailing list segmentation.

When you target your audience in a more segmented way, you can personalize each group in your email marketing campaign as a separate entity and be even more personal and detailed with your audience. You can adapt to their needs more carefully and build your association on the seed of trust, information, and authentication.

Segmented email campaigns show higher open rates and click-through rates from 15% to over 60%, according to MailChimp.

MailChimp also observed that segmentation of the email list resulted in a significant drop in unsubscribe rates.

Marketing Tips: The importance of mailing list segmentation

Mailing list segmentation has several advantages, each depending on a different situation. However, one of the main benefits of mailing list segmentation is that it allows you to connect with the right person, with the right message, at the right time!

Email Sgmentation
Email Sgmentation

Improves the sender's reputation

Since mailing list segmentation gives you a much better response to your email marketing than without segmentation, it has a bigger effect on your business reputation.

When more people interact with your email and don't mark it as spam, it means your business website ranks higher on search engine results. Plus, when you target your audience in a more personalized and exclusive way, you build your relationship based on authenticity and familiarity.

Achieve significantly better results

When you target smaller segments of the market with more detailed information, you are destined to achieve better results.

Contacts separated according to their interests

The segmentation of the mailing list makes it easier for you to connect with the audience in a specific category. So, suppose in the future you only have to connect with the audience that prefers to buy LED smartwatches, you will be able to connect with the audience, which is ultimately your potential in this regard.

Fewer spam complaints

When you send emails only to the list of people interested in your emails, you will get fewer spam complaints. This means that fewer people would be inclined to mark your email as spam.

Better deliverability

Segmented email marketing makes sure that your emails are delivered to the right audience, and that you have a voucher that your products are in front of your potential buyers.

Tech Business Marketing - How You Should Go For Mailing List Segmentation

Let's discuss a few points that will give you an idea of ​​how you can continue with your own segmented email marketing.

Use demographics to refine your reticle

Demographics are very relevant when it comes to email marketing. When you know the age, gender, interests, likes, and dislikes of your audience, you know what to show them. So instead of targeting the older audience with kid gadgets, you can send them emails that pique their interest.

Understand the key points of surveys and questionnaires

If you don't have your hands on the demographics and important data of your customers, you can still create interactive quizzes and experiences on your websites. You can create anything that takes their email address and some payload that you can use to your advantage.

After that, you can start targeting these people with personalized email marketing campaigns.

Correct geographic targeting is important

Location is so important for one main reason if there is an upcoming event in a city, you don't want to email your audience across the globe to attend that event.

Because, if you ended up doing it, you would only be alienating your audience, attracting more brands as spam checks or getting them on the unsubscribe button. Hence, you need to observe the location of your audience using Martech smart tools.

Send special offers to a more engaged audience

You can observe your campaign's open email rate and see which users are interested in your emails and the company's products. Once you find their models, you can come up with them with relevant offers, which can eventually get a feel.

In other words, it's a great way for you to identify your prospects as a tech company.

Observe Inactivity - Focus Your Attention Elsewhere

In addition to observing who is paying attention to your emails, you should also focus on people who ignore your emails or pay little or no attention. Emails from your marketing campaign, if marked as spam, will only count as a negative rating for you and your business. Google and other search engines won't evaluate your website for top rankings, and this will affect your tech company's sales.

Therefore, observe the audience who are not paying attention or who are inactive and eliminate them. You will have more free resources that you can use to use better things.

Abandoned shopping carts

It is proven and very authentic that most audiences who come to your tech company's website add items to their cart but leave without verifying.

You can observe what interested these people and maximize your chances of selling these products by optimizing your website for maximum sales for the next time!


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