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13 real reasons why women cheat on you or dump you?

Woman pushing man away, indicating lack of interest or rejection in a social interaction
Respecting boundaries and signals. When she's not interested, it's important to gracefully step back

No one likes being left hanging in the realm of digital conversations. The unanswered message, the unfulfilled expectation—it's like an unsolved riddle that begs an answer. Have you ever found yourself pondering, "Why did she leave me on seen?" Well, here's the intriguing twist: it might not be what you think. In the intricate dance of modern communication, decoding the reasons why a woman doesn't respond isn't always as straightforward as it seems. Get ready to unravel the enigma as we delve into the thirteen real and surprising explanations behind those dreaded unanswered messages. From the art of conversation to the nuances of attraction, we're about to lift the curtain on why women occasionally choose the silent route. So, fasten your seatbelt, dear reader, and prepare to journey through the uncharted territories of digital dynamics and human behavior.

Here we explain the 13 most common causes why a woman ignores you for messages.

❖ The conversation has no purpose

It is a big mistake to start a conversation without a goal. If you write to get a date, you should focus and ask for it without much ado.

You have a better chance of getting their attention if you are direct and frank. This way she will feel more committed to answering you, at least to make it clear to you if she is not interested.

❖ You say very childish things

Most girls are comfortable talking to men who have a good sense of humor but beware: not everything can be funny. You must watch what you say and focus on interesting topics. If it's all a joke, she won't take you seriously.

If you both are not at the same intellectual level and you assume an attitude of a 15-year-old, she will surely get bored easily and will choose not to write anymore. Remember, she is not your parent, she wants a partner who can be her equal.

❖ She is bored

You are probably wondering: why does she speak to me first and leave me on seen? Maybe it's because they don't have anything new to talk about. If your conversations are always the same, she wouldn't want to waste her time on the same thing.

As a tip, try writing to her at a time when she is idle and tell her a story, ask her about her job, invite her to a special place, or tell her a fun new anecdote. If you get her used to always having new topics, she will want to talk to you every day.

❖ You don't give it enough space

Leaving you on seen doesn't necessarily imply that she doesn't care about you at all. Something simpler is possible: perhaps you write to her when she is busy with her work, for example.

In these cases, the best you can do is understand. Give her space, allow her to distance herself, talk to other people, and go about your business. If you press it all the time, you will make her interest disappear completely.

Do not send her one message after another, much less claim her. In fact, ignoring it for a while can be quite effective. If she is interested in you, she will seek you out and appreciate your easy-going guy attitude.

You send messages desperately

If when she answers one of your messages and you get so excited that you send her too many messages, you will end up overwhelming her. Avoid it at all costs! That attitude makes you look like a desperate person.

Writing more won't get her attention. You will scare her away by showing yourself to be dependent and needy.

Women feel much better when they interact with confident men/women who take care of their own lives and do not need the attention of others to feel better.

If you display a balanced, respectful, and reasonable demeanor, she will appreciate your attitude and feel more motivated to spend quality time with you. She may even give you an explanation of the time it took her to respond.

Your only intention is to have sex

A woman may not be interested in talking to a guy who just wants sexual pleasure, especially if he's pushy.

If you are looking to have fun, you must be clear that going too fast will not help you with any girl. Adopting a seductive tone and starting the talk about intimate parts and sexual positions too early will not do you any good if there is not enough attraction.

If you already have or were in a relationship with her, avoid looking for her only when you want sex. Girls notice these interests and can become depressed when they are treated as sexual objects.

Be sensitive and respectful. Pay attention to her attitude and don't try anything if you see that she's not in the mood to get racy. It is also her right to decide if she wants some action too.

You are not alone

If the girl you are dating or wants to flirt with is with her friends or family, she may not be able to respond when you write to her. Not all of us have the same family background or ease of chatting up wherever and whenever. In this case, the usual thing to do is to avoid using the mobile phone during encounters with other people.

Do not think that if she leaves you on seen it is because she has better conversations. She might be dealing with an important thing and doesn't want to be rude by having half-hearted conversations. That is an admirable trait in any person which you should appreciate.

You worry too much about knowing what she does

It's okay to ask her how his day was, but constantly writing to see what she's doing is invading her personal life.

Sending messages at all times to know about her will show you as a possessive and distrustful man, something that makes any woman uncomfortable.

You must be patient. When she can't take messages or calls for work or academic matters, understand it and don't bother her.

You try to be funny at an inopportune moment.

You may say funny things, and your friends think you are funny, but there are messages that do not always translate well. In fact, it is very difficult to understand the tone of written messages.

Trying to make a joke when you don't know a woman very well is risky. It could be misinterpreted; it could seem that you are making fun of her and that will make her not only angry at you but also stop responding to you.

If you want her attention and have a good conversation, forget about ambiguous jokes or comments that may be offensive.

You are creating a problem

There's nothing more annoying than having a texting fight. If you are one of those who explode at first contact, do not ask yourself "Why does she speak to me first and leave me in sight?" It's logical: if you write to her with an aggressive tone, she won't want to talk to you.

If you are resentful about something, it is best to take some time and allow it to express itself calmly. You will have a good time to tell her what is bothering you in person.

It is very common for someone to want to put their cell phone aside when they are very stressed or busy, so it is not a sin to let a woman see if you do not feel that you can be nice to her.

She just doesn't like you

This may be difficult to accept, but it is a reality: if she does not respond, it is because she is interested in something other than you. When a woman doesn't like you, she shows it with her attitude and actions. Perhaps they would rather ignore you than tell you directly.

It is normal that someone who is not attracted to a person prefers not to give him reasons to continue pursuing her.

Is trying to break up with you

Although the best way to end a relationship is face-to-face, some people prefer to "disappear" from the relationship to avoid awkward conversations

So, if you feel like she is pulling away and making excuses not to see you, she may be using this method as a way to end without saying it expressly. In this way, she hopes that you get fed up and you are the one to suggest breaking up. Pick up on these subtle hints, too.

She ignores you after a Tinder date

Did she really like you when you were chatting on Tinder, but now she ignores your text messages and you don't know why?

There can be many reasons, but there is one that stands out above the rest: you weren't the same person in real life as you were on Tinder.

On Tinder, you were fun, flirtatious, and cute, but in person, you seemed different and less interesting. So, for her, you are a different person, someone who does not meet the expectations that you generated in principle.

What to do when the girl you like leaves you on seen?

Instead of getting angry, think that maybe she can't answer you because she's busy. She may be resolving an important issue, might have run out of battery, or have fallen asleep.

Give them as much time as it takes to respond. For you, it is better that she looks like a rude woman than you look like a harassing, insecure man-child.

What does it mean when they leave your messages on seen?

It does not mean anything. Many times, it happens that the girl does not have time to respond, that she is busy with other matters or that she does not want to talk to you. But you should not jump to conclusions if you are still waiting for their response.

Review the 13 reasons that we expose you in this article and evaluate which of them can be applied more consistently to your situation.

What to do when a person leaves you on seen?

If you wonder: why does she speak to me first and left me on seen? Or do you not explain why after a few minutes of conversation it disappeared as if nothing had happened, what you should do is let a few hours pass and then write something simple: "Is everything okay?"

If she doesn't want to talk to you anymore, you don't have to insist.

Why did you write to me and then left me on seen?

There are people who are very used to this game of talking to someone and then responding when provoked. They do this, especially with suitors.

She may want to get your attention or that you said something she did not like and, instead of claiming you, she prefers not to talk to you anymore.

When she left you on seen and you write to her again

Try to allow 50 to 70 minutes to pass before writing again. Use the excuse of saying goodbye.

You can write something like: "We'll talk later, may you do well" or "We'll talk another time, more calmly." This will show her that you understand that she cannot speak and that you are busy too.

If she leaves you in sight, it is because she has better conversations

This is not always true. There can be many reasons for her not responding: she is busy, she tries to avoid an argument, or she has run out of battery, among others.

Nor can we rule out that she must attend to an important matter and want to leave the conversation with you for later.

Tips for a girl to reply to your messages

Decide what kind of relationship you want to have with her

If you want her as a friend, you can talk in a more relaxed way than you would with a girl you have a romantic interest in.

Don't be clingy!

Don't contact her as soon as you have her number, or when they just finished fighting. You may seem like a desperate or irritating person. Wait 2-3 days to send her a short message asking why she is not replying or to write to her for the first time. Make sure that the first message is concise, respectful, and, at the same time, sweet.

Keep a consistent tone

If you gave her a silly nickname during the flirtation, keep it. If she knew you as a fun and talkative person, keep showing yourself that way in your messages. She must feel that she is with the same person, even if it is via text.

Analyze the words you are going to say

In case it is the first time you write to her, send her a simple "hello". If there is no response, wait a few days before trying again. If she does not respond to this second attempt, it is a sign that she is not interested in it.

Be simple and don't always look for an answer to why women cheat

To achieve good results, it is sometimes better to be simple and direct. You don't need to write huge paragraphs, that will only make you look like an insecure person.

Pretend calm when writing

Regardless of whether she has seen you or not, in the messages, she tries to pretend that nothing has happened. Flirt with her and act very naturally, even if you're really nervous.

If she stops texting in the middle of a conversation, take a break

Remember that sometimes we have higher priorities than responding to a message. Thousands of inconveniences can arise in the middle of a conversation, not exactly that she has been bored with answering you.

Don't panic about losing your chance with her, that will only make you feel insecure and you'll want to insist that she keep responding at the rate you want.

End the conversations

When you say goodbye, you are also transmitting security, tranquillity, and space to the other person. You also have the right to tell her: "I need to go" or "We'll talk later."

In the same way, just as they can leave you on seen, you can also do the same thing when you do not feel comfortable talking or are really busy.

With these 13 points, you will surely have a clearer idea of ​​why a woman leaves you on seen or even why women cheat you. The reasons that I have shared with you are the best known, but there may be many others.

As a piece of advice, when these things happen it is better not to judge the person beforehand, but to take some time until she can talk to you and clarify everything.

Have you ever stopped responding to a conversation? Tell us why in the comments! Remember that you can share this text on your social networks so that your friends can also learn these reasons.


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