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17 obvious signs he likes you but doesn't want a relationship

There are many possible reasons why guys don't want to commit. Not all of them are obvious. And yet, boys are not a closed book.

A young man gazing affectionately at a woman with a loving expression.
A moment of deep connection - love in his eyes.

The uncertainty surrounding their behavior can completely overwhelm you, especially when you think you've finally met your soulmate. Everything is perfect; you're clicking, the sex is mind-blowing, and all of a sudden, he's not interested in a serious relationship!

But he likes you very much and would like to continue seeing you.

In other words, you want to keep playing and having sex without all the other "stuff."

If you can't see that the guy isn't serious at first, it's a problem. The whole situation easily turns into a one-way road where you indulge yourself because endorphins have already taken over your mind and you're essentially getting everything you need without any compromise.

To save you time by clearing the fog around his behavior, we've outlined these signs that ensure that he doesn't want a serious relationship with you and that you're the one pushing the cart forward.

Take a few minutes to make sure you don't mess around with another engagement imposter.

17 Obvious Signs he likes you but he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you:

Here we are giving you all the 17 obvious signs he likes you but maybe he doesn't want a relationship, let us read further:

1. Doesn't try to get to know you anymore

This signal comes first and not accidentally. If a guy shows zero interest in getting to know you more, he is a dead clue that he is planning nothing more than a casual affair. A boy who has fallen in love with a girl strives to learn her quirks along with every little detail. It means the world to him.

Memorize one thing: a man's memory is like a sieve: what goes in, goes out. If he remembers what you say in detail or retells the cute stories from your childhood, he definitely cares about you.

A guy might like to spend time with you, have sex, or just chat, but if he's not interested in your personality, it's usually a great sign that he doesn't want to be your boyfriend.

2. You are not a number one priority

When a guy is serious with you, he treats you like a queen (in a good way). It does not mean that he puts the crown on your head, but that he listens to your opinion, saves you a place in his life, cancels his plans to spend more time with you, etc.

If he gets mad at you, doesn't show up for a date, or doesn't bother to report he's late, then he's certainly not too concerned about your feelings.

3. You are the one who does all the work

You may not even notice that “the vehicle” is moving because YOU fill it up all the time.

However, it is inevitable: one day you will stop for a minute: hey, it seems that I am the one who initiates all the contacts!

Before that time comes, you can begin to assess your relationship by answering these questions:

  • Have you ever tried to find out what you think about your relationships?

  • Have you hinted at your intentions?

  • Is he the one planning your dates? Or has it become your "burden"?

  • Has he ever done something worthwhile to win you over, finally?

If the answer is "no" to ALL of these questions, you may be in a relationship where he takes, takes, takes and you give, give, and gives.

4. He's not ready to brag about you

If a guy is serious, there is no grey area around your status: he is already calling you his girlfriend and he is inviting you to dinner with his friends.

If a man is attached to "we really have to put a label on him," it does not mean that he is a charmingly intelligent philosopher who questions fundamental categories. No, he is an admirer of friends with benefits, who is moving away from commitment.

5. He's not doing thoughtful things

If you're serious about yourself, you'll be first in line when your favorite doughnuts are baked in the morning to take to your apartment before you go to work.

He'll be scouring the city for noodle soup when you're sick.

He will buy your favorite apples at the grocery store, not just the food he likes.

All of these details are important when it comes to identifying a guy's intentions. If he treats you like his girlfriend, take responsibility; he needs you to be healthy, beautiful, and happy around him.

The absence of all of the above indicates that you do not care. He doesn't seem enthusiastic about contributing to your happiness.

6. He is not offering you one Yes.

However, a successful one. If a guy wants to be in a relationship, he will be! If he doesn't ask you to be his girlfriend, he's not sure about his feelings. There is no mystery here.

He may like you, but not enough to make you the only one.

Remember, guys are mostly straightforward - if they want it, they do it.

7. He is not interested in meeting your friends or family

Meeting each other's families is an important milestone that reaffirms that you both take things seriously. Being introduced to your group of friends is also a sign that you are proud of your relationship and ready to "take it in."

If he never brings you to his family for no concrete reason (like they have a complicated history), and you've been dating for over two years, that's a reasonable deciding factor! The boy doesn't want you to be a part of his life; Instead, he prefers to treat you as something separate, which means that he thinks of your relationship as a casual affair.

8. You can say that it is a closed book

Even though men are considered less talkative than women, if they fall in love and take it seriously, they open up about their past lives and experiences.

If he remains as close as at the beginning of your relationship, it is evident that the boy is unable to give you his heart.

9. He just got out of a serious relationship

If a man says he just got out of a relationship, it means he is looking for a crying shoulder, not a girlfriend. You must realize that the probability that he is ready for a serious relationship now is very slim.

Also, if your marriage/relationship has just ended, you can still hold a torch for your ex. And that means that she will unconsciously judge you by her standard, especially if she believes that she is THE ONLY ONE. Whatever the situation, the sooner you communicate, the better.

10. Doesn't seem enthusiastic about long-term plans with you

When a man doesn't take relationships seriously, he won't commit to anything far in the future. So instead of being excited about the awesome and bonding activities with you in the future, like rock climbing, going to the music festival together, visiting new places, or doing yoga, he will hesitate and cannot give you a definitive answer.

11. They don't celebrate the holidays together

Not inviting you on vacation also means that he is not interested in incorporating you into his life.

Does he get outraged when you invite him to a Christmas party? This is much more than Christmas. Not being okay with you celebrating the holidays with him means that he would like to leave you on the periphery of his life. They do not care about your wishes, aspirations, dreams. He has some plans for you, and it's not about something serious or romantic.

12. Refuses to send Christmas cards as a couple

Remember how Ross Geller panicked at the thought of him and Mona sending Christmas cards together because it would be a huge step forward?

Gestures as cute as sending cards to your friends together is an official confirmation that you are a couple. It is a wonderful and romantic tradition since you both feel very good about it.

In 2020, instead of printed cards, there may be another way to declare your relationship with the world: joint accounts, self-introduction on Facebook, etc.

13. Quickly remove the tag on Facebook

There are several reasons why a guy doesn't want photos of you to appear on his profile: he may be afraid that he will stop flirting with other women online, he doesn't want to rub it in his ex's face, etc.

This is a great red flag that he is not interested in being in a relationship with you but rather prefers to avoid the feelings of another girl. You don't want people to know you are a couple, do you really need other leads?

14. Not ready to move out

Breaking up with someone is much more difficult if you live with that person. Basically, most men agree that moving in together is a step down from marriage. Therefore, before reaching this point, a boy must be sure that he is comfortable with the idea of ​​marrying a girl.

So when it comes to moving in together, many men take a long time. If your boyfriend agrees and doesn't postpone this step, you're in for gold.

15. Shows up only when he needs something

Some men have the selfish trait of finding those who need to be valued and get some benefits for themselves.

If the person you like only uses you when they need something and then ignores you, they are not really interested in being in a relationship with you.

In this case, you must stop it. He uses you just because you agree to be a doormat.

17. You are not exclusive

If you are both monogamous, there has to be a part where you stop seeing other people. If he's still dating someone else, he only keeps you around to have sex or because you give him that particular feeling that he needs. But there are no plans to get serious with you.

Sometimes men choose to lie when they have another date because they need you for a while too. Fortunately, technologies can help catch cheating partners with just a few clicks.

The question is, do you agree with the still non-exclusive framework? If not, you may be put off by dating someone else.

You can keep watching it as long as you want, as long as it's faithful.


Is there another woman? What signs to watch out for?

The macho behavior, the gym, the new diets, the protection of your phone, and many more signs will tell you that you have someone else. The best way to find out is to use a special unobtrusive app to understand whether or not you are lying. It can be installed on any mobile device secretly. It will provide you with information about your location, the content of your messages, the history of phone calls, the address book, and activity on social networks.

Why do guys act distant when they like you?

Usually, it is part of the fear of commitment and the low level of trust. When he doesn't know you well enough to make sure he's ready to step up, or he's not sure you're compatible, he may decide to procrastinate. Some men act like children even in their thirties. They may feel uncomfortable revealing their feelings because they feel uncomfortable / they have friends who will make fun of them for being in love, they want to keep you interested, etc.

Why would a guy text you if he's not interested?

Because he still wants a casual adventure from you, involving sex, alcohol, having fun together, chatting, and whatever you give him that he needs and why he is texting you. Perhaps, he got used to your attention and felt empty without it.

How do you know if he has feelings for you?

As a woman, you can immediately tell that he is in love with you by looking into his eyes. He may act differently, being HotnCold, but his eyes always tell the truth.

What does it mean when a guy doesn't want to kiss you?

Kisses have to do with feelings. If he doesn't kiss you, then you are not in his future. Kissing is about affection and attraction, while sex is something that can happen without any feelings.

How do you know that you are losing interest?

Very simple. Are you making less contact? Do you try as hard as before? Any relationship takes time and energy, and if he feels too much pressure, it's no wonder he loses interest in the idea of ​​being with you.

Why does he keep me close if he doesn't want a relationship?

Because you've probably already been in relationships and learned a few things. Right now you are in a place where you don't need anything serious. He is fine because you are there when he needs sex, you are ready to hear his revelations after the hard day, and you are in the early part of the relationship, which is always fun and exciting. You can drink, laugh, have sex, and be free. Basically, all your needs are met.


aijaz ali khushik
aijaz ali khushik
Dec 19, 2023

When someone likes you but doesn't want a relationship, their behavior may exhibit certain signs that indicate their feelings. While these signs can vary depending on the individual, here are 17 possible indications:

1. Mixed Signals: They send mixed messages, showing interest at times but maintaining distance at others.

2. Limited Time Together: They spend time with you but keep their interactions and activities relatively casual and infrequent.

3. Emotional Unavailability: They may be hesitant to open up emotionally or avoid discussing deeper topics.

4. Keeping it Light: They prefer light-hearted conversations and avoid discussions about the future or commitment.

5. Flirting: They engage in flirtatious behavior, but it doesn't progress beyond that.

6. No Long-Term Planning: They avoid making…


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