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15 clear signs: A woman is sexually attracted to you

a woman looking at a man
A woman looking at a man

Do you remember the time your stomach turns when you are around a particular person? It feels strange, incredibly strange, sometimes even like an electric shock going through your body.

Even if you haven't fully realized it yet, your brain is signaling you in such a way that you are attracted to someone, either physically or emotionally.

Do you think this "spark" can be felt by one person, or can it only happen if it is between two people?

InkMyIdea asked the specialists to break it down.

What is sexual tension?

Sexual tension tells you that you need to engage in sexual activity with someone to ease the tension in the air between the two of you.

For different people, the nature of the sex drive can vary: some feel it quite frequently and it is more of a desire for physical closeness, while others may experience sexual attraction in the context of a close emotional bond.

It takes two people to create sexual tension. But it doesn't mean that it can't just be an image in your head.

To understand the signs a woman is sexually attracted to you, or if it is just a one-sided story, we have left these 15 telltale signs to make sure the feeling is mutual. Because if you can read body language, it becomes crystal clear.

Another thing is that guys sometimes wait until they are 100% sure that she is interested, or even wait for a sign of flirting. It can be done to feel more confident before making a move.

The truth is, you just need a few signals from below to make sure she is attracted to you. Because somehow, the girls are the ones who take the line.

Signs that a woman is sexually attracted to you

1. Your conversations get very weird

By definition, tension is… well, tight. It takes resolution, and when it doesn't happen, a lot of awkward situations can occur.

Especially when it comes to conversations: She struggles to get back on topic, talking about some banal things, laughing at your creepy jokes, or just being paralyzed, trying to collect her thoughts.

Other awkward moments can accompany all the embarrassment - bumping into each other, she banging her head on the microwave door open (okay, this rarely happens, but you got the point).

3. What about eye contact?

girl looking at guy with intense love
Captivated by Love: A girl gazes at the guy with intense affection.

What's up with that? We were just talking. Seriously? Were you fair talking? Or was she caught your eye too?

When there is strong tension or sexual interest, our eyes can make it perfectly clear. Here's the complete guide on what the different eye contacts mean.

3. She is examining you

If there is sexual tension between the two of you, you will find it occasionally by looking at different parts of your body. You can feel his gaze while you speak, for example. She may find something about you particularly fascinating, or if she's not sure, she may start to get a better feel for or read about you.

4. She strives for proximity

You may notice that he is suddenly very close to you. She was originally on the other side of the room, and here they are, together at the same table again. It seems like she is wherever you go. And when the two of you are talking, she is getting closer.

5. Playfully touches you

Touching is obviously a non-verbal communication that, quite frankly, means a lot of things. It may just be a way of emphasizing the point in the conversation, however, if she is consistently sensitive throughout your interactions, she may want to show that she is open to physical contact with you.

Naturally, we want the connection through physical contact, but generally, we do so if we approve of the person. We will not feel free to touch a person we do not like. If a woman is sexually attracted to you, she may occasionally touch you because she gets hot with you around.

6. Keep moving your hair in conversation

Playing with her hair, and biting her lips can be nervous movements due to her attempts to hide an intense attraction. You can play with your hair, run your arm through your hair, stand behind your ear, cross your legs, and chew on a pen, all of which refer to anxiety-coping behavior. His emotional struggle may stem from his intense attraction to you, in case he's afraid to take a leap of faith.

7. Other people may notice

Can other people around you feel the sexual tension between you and this girl? You may find it strange to ask your friends directly what happens when the two of you are in the same room, but they have probably already noticed.

When sexual tension is at stake between two people, other people around you may notice.

8. She suddenly ignores you

The logic: many women are taught not to chase men, so it is better if they die alone than get close to someone. Once again, the change happens suddenly: one day they are friends and suddenly she avoids eye contact, pretends to be busy with her phone while you are chatting, confusedly leaves a room with you walking in, etc.

It happens because, on some level, it triggers your vulnerability. Remember: "People will do more to avoid pain than to get pleasure." It doesn't matter if she's above you at work or not; If you conflict with her feelings, she will act like a little girl, trying to hide her attraction.

9. She notices changes in you

Because she's attracted to you, she's probably thinking about you a lot. That's why when you get a new haircut or buy new clothes that flatter you, she will be the one to notice and congratulate you.

Over time, you may find that they give you their full attention: put down the phone when you get close, it becomes too personal, and cut other conversations to answer you.

10. She grooms herself when she sees your approach

In general, it is a normal reaction for a woman to move her hair or straighten her clothes from time to time, regardless of the mood. However, if she is continually grooming herself every time you come, pulling her stomach in, adjusting her clothes, that is perhaps a clear indication that she is showing her sexual interest in you.

11. She speaks softly

If she leans in to help you with a document a little closer than is strictly necessary, speaking in a low voice, it is a subtle sign that she is interested in you. Your voice can be so soft and pleasant; It makes you melt. Usually, women don't do it intentionally - if their sexual attraction is magnetic but gentle, they can express their feelings that way.

12. She smiles and laughs much more often.

If a woman likes you, she'll smile a lot. He will enjoy your speech, joking with you. What others may perceive as your most boring jokes may seem funny to her? It doesn't mean I'm faking it; Maybe she really thinks they're hilarious!

His constant laughter indicates that he feels relaxed around you. It's not so much about jokes, but sometimes about social ties, which we use to show people that we like them and that we understand them. If your friend laughs a lot when she is with you, it may mean that you are a good friend or that she likes you a lot. Whenever a woman feels confident, good, and relaxed with a man, the line between liking and developing sexual desire becomes thinner.

13. She reveals her neck

Pay attention to whether you expose your neck or not. Women like revealing collars, especially when they are attracted to someone. The neck has so many nerve endings - the light touch can make the whole body tingle. If she's driving with you, she might accidentally touch him a bit.

Also, the neck is the most vulnerable part of the body, and when a girl exposes it, it shows her confidence and obedience. It can happen absolutely naturally, so if you see her tilting her head to the side so that she seems attractive to you, then it's an obvious sign that she is interested in you or has a sex drive.

14. Talk about yourself with other people

Does he talk about yourself with other people or, better yet, share how nice and funny you are?

If a woman is interested in you, she will talk about you with your mutual friends, mention you in conversations with coworkers, etc. The more your name is on their tongue, the more it is about you in their head.

15. She responds immediately

You know the old rule, "If you don't get a message, you get the message." It will never happen with a woman who is interested in you. Responding immediately to a message is an indication that you are not taking your attention for granted.

16. She teases you (cheerfully)

Humor is a defensive mechanism for many. Women can also make jokes like "you're good at taking jokes" if they are attracted to someone and are afraid of that feeling. It makes you feel good? If it's light-hearted humor, then it could be your method of easing the tension between the two of you, if you know the opposite is impossible.

17. She looks better around you

The top of the cake is the most obvious sign. Of course, if a woman is attracted to you, she will do her best to look stunning. She will put on her makeup very carefully, wear tempting lingerie, suddenly walk around as a sexy model, etc. If you can spot a drastic change in their appearance, and all the other signs are also obvious, then the deal is perfect. transparent.

Although some girls would never chase after the guys they like, the signs, clues, or whatever you want to call them are ALWAYS there.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Take a look at our latest post on emotional matters and how to recognize one.


How do you know if a woman is attracted to you at work?

The most obvious sign would be that he is getting personal: he takes time out of his day to wonder how your weekend was, calls or texts you outside of work, and talks to you about your friends, and family. A girl who opens up to you definitely likes you. However, this does not mean that you finally want a relationship.

How do you know if a coworker is interested or just friendly?

Sending many messages and talking to you for many hours can be mistaken for a crush. But it does not necessarily mean that you are attracted. It might feel good with you as a friend. However, if she gets confused with you; if you can feel the tension in the air, it indicates that you feel something else.

How to know if a girl likes you but hides it?

The clearest sign would be his strange behavior. Imagine that it is difficult for that girl to keep her thoughts from straying to you, the object of her tension. Of course, she will be nervous around you. Plus, her constant gaze and lowering of her eyes the next second also indicate that she's interested in you.

How do you know that a married woman is attracted to you?

There is little chance of a married woman coming up to you and expressing her feelings to you, but it can be difficult for her to hide the feelings: she will try to get closer to you, laugh at your jokes, get personal, she might act jealous if she sees you with another person.

A married woman can also open up to you about her problems, trying to find support. Pay attention to eye contact: does he stare at you and then shyly look away? The next time she looks away immediately, keep looking at her for a few more seconds. If he looks at you a second time, it is an indication of his interest.

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