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Worst Types of Men That Push Women Away - Avoid These Stereotypes

Do you want to know the worst types of men who push women away? Here I bring you some of the stereotypes of boys that no woman will accept to have a long and lasting relationship under any circumstances.

The worst types of men: 15 stereotypes, we are going to give them a name and the characteristics that make them undesirable as a couple so that you can better identify them.

Worst types of Men

1. The baby

He complains if you don't respond quickly or if you don't respond with the same emotion as him.

  • He gets angry when you just reply "ok" or some emoticon.

  • Cries all the time, even over things that don't make sense or don't deserve that reaction from an adult.

  • You don't know what to say when you order something for the moment.

  • He takes everything personally and even gets angry when you disagree with his opinion.

  • He complains that you have a bad attitude with him, that you have been bad or that you were yelling at him by text message.

  • He doesn't like to take responsibility for anything.

  • He wants all his whims to always be fulfilled the moment he asks for it.

  • It makes scenes for you, no matter who they are in front of.

2. Bodybuilder

We like men in good shape, muscular, and sexy to some extent. But these types of men become so obsessed with their appearance and physique that they seem like the woman in the relationship. Their characteristics are:

You can see the veins coming out of your body.

  • All of his photos are shirtless and doing bodybuilder poses.

  • It seems like his body is always bathed in oil and suntan lotion.

  • His posts have excessive amounts of hashtags with gym slang

  • He is obsessed with going to the gym. There is not a single day missing.

  • Take care of everything you eat. It is even capable of weighing all your meals to know exactly how many calories you are consuming.

  • You worry too much about your physical appearance.

3. Mommy's boy

There is nothing wrong with loving your mom. In fact, many women think that, if you treat your mother with respect, you can treat any woman in the same way, but ... the problem comes when the mother is the center of the world:

  • He calls her constantly, especially when they have an argument for her to defend him.

  • His mom still pays for everything.

  • He suggests or directly tells you to take advice from his mom about how she does things: cooking, cleaning, and even "taking care" of him.

  • She over-insists that you HAVE to get along with her or things won't work out. We know that family harmony is important, but that insistence, even when she is the one who does not do her part, in the long run, ends the relationship.

  • You have heard him say directly that he wants a woman like his mother (even a little scary is this).

  • He is able to leave everything for a call from his mother; even when it is not something important or urgent; if she says come, he runs up to her.

  • His entire lifestyle revolves around his mother's wishes. From the choice of career to banal things like the way you dress or the food you eat.

4. Loser

No woman wants a man who is unable to help us if for some reason we are in a bind and ask for it. Some of the characteristics of this type of man are:

  • You don't have a job or have never had a job. You are not interested in looking for a job. He waits sitting on the couch for his dream job to arrive.

  • He is a mother's son: she still pays for everything (it may not apply to all, but most do).

  • He does nothing all day: he watches TV, plays video games, sleeps, and eats. That is what your daily routine is based on.

  • He is incapable of solving the things that are presented to him on his own. He always needs help: a childhood friend, his parents, brothers, or even a girl (with whom he has not lost hope).

5. Bad boy

Here don't get me wrong. I know we've all been drawn to bad boys at some point, but when it comes to long-term relationships, you may need to rethink everything a bit. This type is one of the most serious of all and the warning signs are clear:

  • He is constantly in and out of prison or, at least, he has been to the police station once and not precisely for juvenile acts.

  • He cannot keep any job because of his bad attitude.

  • You can't get jobs because of your criminal record.

  • You likely have one or more children, and you are unable to care for them properly.

  • Their language is vulgar, rude, disrespectful, and foul. Include derogatory words that don't make you feel like a good woman who deserves the slightest bit of respect as a human being.

  • You have NO priority in getting involved with the daily tasks that a healthy relationship entails.

  • Use and/or sell drugs/weapons.

  • He will always tell you that you will never find another man who loves you like him, who is the only one who can be with you.

  • He's in trouble with the law.

  • Belongs to or has been a member of a gang.

  • He did not complete his studies nor does he intend to do so.

  • He has no plans for the future.

6. Liar

This one is not very smart; so rather I will give you the signs that give it away:

  • He doesn't answer his phone when he's with you. This includes calls or messages. Avoid using the phone in front of you to "avoid arousing suspicion."

  • He never wants to date you. It is understandable that he wants his space, but that he never wants to share with you and his circle is not normal.

  • Avoid going out with you in public at all costs, and if he does, he will never hold your hand.

  • You find feminine items in your home/vehicle that are obviously not yours, for example, underwear, makeup, accessories, and jewelry.

  • He admits that he has been unfaithful in past relationships. If you've done it before, there's a high chance that you'll do it again. And if he's dumped his girlfriend for you, what guarantees he won't do the same to you?

7. Questioner

As women we love the fact that a man considers our feelings and opinions, asking us how we feel about something or even what it is we want for dinner. But these guys take it to a new extreme:

  • "Can I kiss you?" "Can we have sex?" That is, if you already have time together and are comfortable about it, this is not asked. These are things that should be spontaneous.

  • "I did a good job?" "Did you enjoy that?" "Are you sure about that?" "Okay, are you enjoying it, do you like this, I'm doing good, do you want me to move…?" And so on.

  • "You choose".

8. Insistent / Selfish / Sexual

You cannot let the moment take place and happen; so he immediately tries to put his hands in your pants.

  • He makes you feel guilty every time you don't sleep with him.

  • Threat with the phrase: "I will not wait forever."

  • Even with the first conversation you have, he just wants to talk about sex.

  • He doesn't want to go out with you. He just wants to take you home. We all know what that means.

  • Just think about your sex drive. You don't want a serious relationship.

9. Submissive

This is the opposite extreme of the previous one. Some strong-willed women think that this is their type of man, but - in the long run - they end up getting bored with being the decision-makers and initiative in everything.

  • He cannot think for himself.

  • He wants "whatever you want, my love."

  • It will not, under any circumstances, tell you "NO."

  • He is unable to take the initiative. It's like a child that you have to send all the time.

  • He won't go anywhere without you, even when he has important things to do.

  • He is able to put aside his personality and happiness, to make you happy. I know it sounds nice, but it isn't. Sooner or later he will explode and blame you for his unhappiness.

  • He won't tell you something is wrong when you ask him, but then he gets mad because you didn't know what was wrong. It is passive-aggressive.

  • I know this sounds horrible, but you will not participate in a discussion. He prefers to remain silent in the face of insults, arguments, and even offenses, rather than defend himself.

  • It is questioning.

10. Controller

We all want to feel important and needed in the lives of others, but — in some cases — this feeling is taken to the extreme. Such is the case with these types of men who literally cannot live without us:

  • They won't leave the house without you. They won't let you go out without it.

  • If for some reason you manage to escape, he will call you every 10 minutes.

  • He wants to know where you are every minute of the day, even if you are at work.

  • If you don't answer a call, he thinks you're probably cheating on him.

  • He doesn't trust you. Here the alarms go off: without trust, there can be no healthy relationship.

  • He doesn't like your friends. He wants you to cut all connections with them, even if they are your childhood friends.

  • You want to share the accounts on social media. Not in the sense that you both have passwords, but literally having a single account for both of you.

11. Dominant

Nobody likes being told what to do. But there is a type of man who loves to command and that his partner does everything how and when he says it. Its characteristics you should already know.

12. King of Discord

Relationships are supposed to be full of trust, love, and happiness. But these types of men love drama. Its main characteristics are:

  • Start a discussion with the smallest of details.

  • Argue with your opinion. Your point of view is the best; according to him, of course.

  • He always has a bad or negative attitude about everything. For him, the glass is half empty no matter the situation.

  • You can't sit like a normal human and have an adult conversation.

  • You are unable to seriously commit to anything.

  • Use offensive language when he is unhappy.

  • He cannot bear that others are happy.

13. Rare

It is rare in all the meanings of the word. Some of its flagship features are:

  • He's shy ALL the time. He is not able to initiate the conversation even once.

  • When they speak to you, answer in as few words as possible.

  • He does not laugh or do his best to make others do it.

  • He always looks awkward wherever he is.

  • His attitude is withdrawn.

  • Apparently, he has no friends.

14. Immature (eternal Peter Pan)

No matter how old we get, we still want to have fun. But — at some point — we have to grow up and be adults. These types of men are a mix of the number 1 and 3, with an extra touch of immaturity:

  • He graduated from college over 1 year ago and is still going to college parties.

  • He always gets up in the afternoon.

  • He smokes and eats from the time he gets up until he goes to bed.

  • At night he only attends college parties.

  • You have trouble paying your expenses. His family usually helps him.

  • You do not have a job or do not want to work.

  • Lives with his parents.

  • He has no plans for the future. Just watch the game on the weekend, play video games, and attend frat parties on Friday nights.

  • His lifestyle is a bit messy.

15. Stalker

With this, you have surely met at least once in your life. It appears where you are, it knows more about you than you do, and it is capable of sending you one message after another so that you can reply to it or block it (whatever happens first) ...

Now that you know 15 of the worst types of men to avoid, it's time for you to get down to business and start observing if the guy you are interested in falls into any of these categories that make him undesirable.

Remember a couple of things: your happiness comes first and almost all the characteristics that we mentioned may not sound bad, that you do not give them importance or that you think they are going to change, but you must be realistic.

Nobody changes if they don't want to. Many times you just can't, because that's your nature. If you think you can bear that, also think that each drop will fill your glass of patience.

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